Student Athletic Council Underway

Student Athletic Council Underway

The Sussex Athletic Department has formed its first ever Student Athletic Council, also known as the SAC. The governing body is formed by players from each sport at Sussex. Those members include Chloe Bellerby (women's soccer), Brelyn Cusano (women's soccer), Olivia Hudson (women's soccer), Connor Heal (men's soccer), Deon Waldmeier (men's soccer), Amanda Maxwell (softball), Madison Stires (softball), Anthony Mellilo (baseball), Tommy Moore (baseball), Jean LaGreca (baseball), Phoebe Livingston (women's basketball), George Mendez (men's basketball), and Samir Wheeler (men's basketball). 

The SAC was created by members of the athletic department including Frank Vernacchio, Jamie Smith, and Mike Rath. The SAC will be looking to enhance the experience of our athletes at Sussex, as well as bridging the gap between the athletic department and the community. Mike Rath says, "We are excited and looking forward to the growth of this governing body. We have a great group of athletes who are committed to making a difference within our athletic department as well as in the community. It has been a true joy so far to hear their ideas and watch them bring them to light." 

The SAC was set up for their first event this past Saturday outside the gym as they were selling snacks/water/merchandise and giving out panphlets for the game. They also held a halftime contest which including winning some merchandise for being able to hit a half court shot. Jamie Smith, assistant coach of Women's Softball was happy with their involvement. "It has been great to see the players get involved and also support each other. Being a former member of East Stroudsburg's SAC, I am excited to guide and help our athletes as they set the foundation for this council to succeed now and in the future." 

Looking to also get involved in the community, the SAC is excited to help out and get involved! Frank Vernacchio says, "It is great to see the excitement and dedication we have already had for this council. These student athletes are exceptional young adults and working with them so far as been great. They have so many ideas and I am looking forward to working with this great group." 

The SAC will once again be outside of the gym this Tuesday. Make sure you pick up your pamphlet for the games!