Ramadan Mehmedi
Ramadan Mehmedi
Title: Head Coach
Phone: 973-300-2203
Email: rmehmedi@sussex.edu

Ramadan Mehmedi is a graduate of Sparta High School where he played 3 years of football and wrestling, and 4 years of baseball.  He then attended SCCC from 2005-06 playing baseball for Todd Poltersdorf as a catcher and relief pitcher. Mehmedi transferred to NJCU for 2007-2008 and continued to play baseball as a relief pitcher and catcher.

From 2010-2012, Ramadan was hired as the Assistant Coach under Head Coach Todd Poltersdorf in charge of pitching and catching,  while also providing strength and conditioning programs for all players.

In 2013, he took over the baseball program as Head Coach in middle of the Fall season. In 2016, he became a Head Coach for a summer collegiate league with players from all over the country called the BCBL in Myrtle Beach SC.