Sussex Men Heading to the Region Final

Sussex Men Heading to the Region Final

The Sussex Men's Soccer team played a hard fought battle against Middlesex County College on Wednesday, October 24. Early on, the Skylanders were able to get a couple scoring opportunities but were unable to cash in. Middlesex was able to handle the fury of the Skylanders attack which enabled them to gather some momentum of their own later in the first half. At half time, the score was 0-0. Coach Vernacchio said, "At halftime there was not much to discuss. We were creating opportunities through our flanks and it was just a matter of time before I felt we were going to be able to put one away. In games like this, it doesn't come down to talent, but heart."

The Skylanders showed plenty of heart as the second half ended and the game was entering the first overtime period. Coach Casas said, "It reminded me a bit of last year's game against Ocean CC where we were creating opportunities but couldn't put one away. I reminded the boys to focus not on the ones we missed, but on the one we are going to finish this time." The Skylanders would seize that opportunity late in the second overtime period with a goal from Nik Polizos. The Skylanders stormed the field with excitement and the relief that they will be back in the Region Final once again.

Coach Vernacchio said afterwards, "I am unbelievably proud of this team and what they have accomplished so far this year. Together we are a very strong team and we believe we are capable of making history."


The Skylanders will face off at Ocean County College against Brookdale County Community College at 11:30a.m. This Saturday. 


Lets Go Skylanders!!!!!!!

Photos courtesy of Traci Smith.